Dedicated care for the Elderly.
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To arrange a full needs assessment, or to discuss any of the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Amaryllis Home Assistance


Amaryllis was born after we discovered that there were a number of people who required help around their homes, but did not like, want or need ‘Care’

Amaryllis can offer a number of tasks around anyone’s home, where residents are finding it hard to complete them.

A new mother may require assistance around the house, with housework, cooking meals or general companionship as having a baby can be a lonely place to be, especially with Covid-19 and with family maybe living a distance away.

On return to the office, a business person may find housework and cooking a mighty task, when they return at the end of the day, very tired.

It is vital that people remain healthy and one of the ways to do so is to eat good healthy meals that are home cooked.
We can offer this service to almost anyone in the community. Staff members, will happily come along and cook a meal for you. If you do not want it at the time it is cooked, it can be left for you to heat up at your own convenience.

This service can be available to anyone, elderly, new mothers, business people, Frontline workers or families.

Amaryllis can help with housework and keeping a home tidy and clean. Staff can offer a cleaning service, ensuring that your home is kept hygienic. This can benefit anyone in the community, from a busy worker to an elderly person who struggles to complete cleaning tasks.

Shopping is a task and a half to some people, especially after a long shift at work and then the thought of having to carry it home.
Amaryllis can complete your shopping, taking on board your likes and dislikes and therefore being able to choose items that will suit you, should your usual brands not be available.
We can complete your shopping, bring it to your home and put it all away for you, taking all the stress and strain out of this sometimes tedious task.

Again this service can benefit almost anyone in the community.

Your laundry, another task that can sometimes be difficult for some people, especially the elderly or people who may have been discharged from hospital. Many people who require this task often have their house cleaned at the same time and combine them. This allows for laundry to be washed, dried or hung out.

Garden tasks are sometimes difficult for certain people. We can help with small tasks such as mowing the lawn, this helps to keep properties tidy and prevents them looking uncared for or abandoned. We can offer some weeding and/or trimming back of small bushes. This service is not a full garden service, but, can help keep a garden tidy and managed. It can also stop the neighbours from complaining if weeds or overgrown bushes become an issue.

Walking the dog. We can help walk the family dog, if this has become a task that is no longer easy to achieve. We will only walk one dog at a time (unless you have two) and therefore, they receive our staff’s full attention and the time is not shared with other peoples dogs.

This service may benefit an elderly person or someone who has just been discharged from hospital. A new mum may struggle to walk the family dog, or it maybe that work has taken up too much of your time. Whoever you are, we will be happy to walk a dog daily, weekly or on an ad hoc basis.

We have found that home help has been accepted under the title of Amaryllis by some members of the community, who were in need of assistance but declined or would not entertain 'care'.

Amaryllis can be seen as a stepping stone for many people.

Care Provision Assistance


This service is for those people who are self funding and need a little help to find the care they are looking for.

Over the years, it has been brought to our attention that many relatives of people requiring care, are finding it hard to locate the services they really need.

Saltimmary is a very small team and often we have to decline people who need care, as we do not have the capacity to offer them our care services.

Saltimmary has decided that we will not turn people away who are desperately attempting to find care, instead we will assist where required, to locate good care provision for them. The pressure on family members can be intense and we do not believe this is right.

When caring for a loved one, it takes a lot of dedication, in this day and age, we are all trying to juggle lifestyle, caring for elderly parents, caring for our grandchildren and holding down a job.

 If you are looking for help in caring for a loved one, but can’t find the time or you are constantly getting ‘Sorry!! we do not have capacity at the moment’. It can become very depressing.

Let us help you. Let us make all those phone calls. Let us talk to the providers on your behalf and when we have located the best suited ones for your loved ones needs, we will notify you and you can then call the providers yourself and make the necessary arrangements. We know the questions to ask and what a person’s needs are, so we can help you find what you are looking for.

We will ask the family member questions about their loved ones needs. We do not come out and see them, unless, we feel this is required or we are not happy with the responses to the questions. We can offer a video call service, so we can then see the person who is requiring the care.

Once we are satisfied with the assessment, we will get on making calls to local providers and see what provision is available. Once this has happened, we will contact the family member and give the information we have sourced. We will send a report by email or in the post if preferred.
It will then be up to the family member to contact the providers and make arrangements for the providers to then visit and complete a full care assessment and risk assessment.

If you prefer, we can be available to attend the care assessment with your loved one, although, this will depend on how the assessment is completed.

This service can benefit anyone who is trying to find privately funded care and is struggling with what they actually need.

Personal Care


Saltimmary Homecare Professionals was established in 2016, by Sally Lee.

We have a very small friendly team of care staff who are fully trained in the provision of day to day care to those who are no longer able to care for themselves.

Care can be something that many people find hard to accept, when they are no longer able to complete daily tasks that they have done for many years.

Saltimmary’s care team are very friendly and patient. They have the ability to gain the confidence of the nervous in time to ensure that people are kept clean, hygienic, fed, medicated and happy within their own environment.

Sometimes, it is only the care staff that a person may see on a daily basis, so the team have a happy approach to the work they do.

We can assist a person with any of the following tasks:-

  • Assistance getting up in the morning

  • Toileting

  • Washing/shower/bathing

  • Dressing

  • Medication assistance

  • Meal preparation

  • Going to bed at night

Saltimmary staff treat all their customers with dignity and respect. They will always ask a person for permission before they begin any task.
We believe in person centred care - which means that we will always listen to what the customer wants, their wishes and we respect their views.

Sometimes, we have to make a decision for a person if they have a mental capacity issue. However, before doing this, we do look at what their ability is to understand the task in question and if they can understand the consequences of their decisions. If it is clear that the person does not have the capacity to make a decision for themselves, then we may need to make the decision for them. No tasks are ever forced upon a person, who clearly does not want it.

In order for us to be able to begin care provision we must first make arrangements to meet our potential customer. We can then assess their care needs and complete a risk assessment to ensure staff and customer remains safe. Full PPE will be worn during this meeting and social distancing will be adhered to.

Once an assessment is completed we will, with customer approval, put together a support plan, which care staff will use to provide the correct care required.



We can visit the lonely, have a cuppa with them, have a chat, accompany them out on a walk, help to keep them active. We can play a board game or just sit and watch a bit of TV with them. Sometimes this is all that is needed to help with a persons mental health, especially in the new world in which we live.


We are nearly always able to send the same staff member, if requested, so a good healthy bond is made between customer and staff member. Although, often it is a good idea to have a couple of staff members, to keep ideas fresh. Prices start from as low as £15.00 per hour, depending on the service you require.


Please call:- 01403 610045 during office hours Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm for further information

Our Staff

We have a very small team, who have mostly been with Saltimmary for a number of years. They are very well trained in the role they do and very vigilant when in a customers home. They are able to pick up very quickly, it a customer’s health is  showing any signs of decline. Family will be notified of any changes.

Saltimmary staff get on extremely well with family members, where the customer has given permission for their care provision to be shared, or where health and welfare power of attorney has been given.

Care staff have access to full PPE, so they and our customers are kept as safe as possible.

It is asked that customers provide liquid soap and some form of paper towel, so staff can wash their hands when they enter a persons home, before, between and after any care tasks are completed.

Our Covid-19 policy.

What Happens When I Need Your Help

If you have decided that you need our support to aid your independent living, then we will first send you a self assessment form for you to complete at your leisure before a full needs assessment is completed. A senior member of the team will come and visit you to complete the assessment. All information is completely confidential. It can be quite long winded, as there are a number of important questions that need to be asked. If you wish, you can have a member of the family or friend present during the assessment.


All the information is then taken into consideration and your personal support plan can be developed to ensure all your care needs and wishes are covered. Your care needs are reviewed on a regular basis, but if your needs change suddenly, then a review can be done urgently to ensure you get the best care available.

Choosing Your Care Team

It is a well known fact that many people do not like constant change of carers. Often saying they only want a small team of carers to visit them. The nature of our work does involve some very personal contact and so we provide regular carers people can feel comfortable with, get to know and trust.

We at Saltimmary Homecare aim to only send carers that have already been introduced to you. We try to avoid sending carers you are not familiar with, and we will contact you if we are forced to do otherwise. You will always have a carer list, showing a photo and giving the name of each of your carers. This is to help identify each carer that visits you.

How is Care Paid for

It all depends on the amount of savings you have or if you are entitled to continuing care payments. If you have less than £23,000 savings then you may be entitled to funding from the local authority. It is always an idea to contact your local authority for information on care costs.

If you are entitled to local authority funding, then you are able to choose which company you would like to assist with your care. You can do this by asking for 'direct payments'. These can then be paid direct to the company of your choice or you can have the payments direct to you, so you can pay for your care.

If you are unable to get funding and have to pay privately, then you will be invoiced on a four weekly basis.


Care costs can become very expensive, Saltimmary Homecare are very competitively priced.

For further details, please contact us.

Join Our Team

We are always on the lookout for dedicated, compassionate people who would like to assist the elderly with their every day needs. If you are a qualified carer already having level 2 or 3 in Adult social care, then we would like to hear from you.

If you would like a career in care, but have no qualifications or experience, we offer full training so we would still like to hear from you.

If you would like more information about availability of vacancies, please contact us.