Coronavirus Covid- 19

General Information

All Saltimmary Homecare Professionals staff must adhere to this policy, when providing care services or cleaning services to customers.

Any member of staff not adhering to this policy may be subject to disciplinary action and possible dismissal from their position.


Sally lee is responsible for ensuring that all staff have access to a risk assessment and protective equipment to ensure to her best ability that staff are as safe as possible when working with customers within the community. It must be added that as care staff, you may be required to work with customers who display symptoms of Covid-19 or have been tested positive. For those customers there is a separate protocol.


Covid-19 smart phone app

It is recommended that all staff that possess a smart phone should download the NHS Covid-19 app. It has been stated to be safe and protects any data. This app works with Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi, it does not track your movements.

When visiting public places there should be an NHS QR code that you can scan, which will identify where you are. Should there be any reports of an outbreak, the app will notify you, instructing you to either get a test or self isolate for 14 days.

You are able to book a test through the app.

This app is vital in assisting to control the spread of Covid-19 through it’s track and trace ability.




Covid-19 symptoms

At the present time there are only three main symptoms that are to be reported to your manager, these are as follows:-


  • A new and continuous cough

  • A high temperature

  • A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)


In the event that you have any of the above symptoms yourself, you must self isolate for 10 days and get a Covid-19 test within the first 5 days. Other members of your household must self isolate for 14 days.

If someone else in your household has symptoms they must self isolate for 10 days, you and any other members must self isolate for 14 days.

If you have the track and trace app, you need to add all this information into your app, so others can be contacted.


Customers and other staff members will be notified of the situation and government guidance will be followed.


Personal Protective Equipment

All staff members must ensure that they carry sufficient amount of PPE, when working in the community.

PPE, must be kept in a closed plastic box, (provided from the office) within staff’s vehicle, to keep the PPE free from contamination, prior to use.


PPE available to staff is as follows:-

  • Type IIR masks, fluid repellent. To be used continuously for customers during one shift, unless the mask is removed due to eating/drinking/smoking etc. To be worn when in the same room as a customer


  • Disposable gloves - one use only, to be discarded correctly after each use. Staff MUST wash hands between glove changes or use hand sanitisor

  • Hand sanitisor, staff must keep their small bottle for refill or take a new small bottle for their own use while working.


  • Plastic aprons - one use, to be used while providing personal care to customers or to be worn when closer than 2 metres


  • Eye protection - Visors are provided for all staff and MUST be worn alongside masks when a customer has any signs of a common cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms. A visor MUST also be worn in the event that a customer has any sign of a cough, Covid related or otherwise.


There are anti bacterial wipes available from the office for care staff to carry with them. These should be used for wiping down door handles, surfaces, mobile phone screens and for the plastic box. The use of antibacterial wipes is for the protection of both customers and staff members.


For further information on Government Guidance regarding the use of PPE for domiciliary care please click the link below.


Annual Leave

Please follow the annual leave policy in relation to Covid 19


Covid-19 (as taken from Annual Leave policy)

Staff who have booked holiday abroad and still go, may be subject to a 14 day quarantine period on their return from any country the government places as high risk, due to high cases of Covid-19. This quarantine can be in place at very short notice. Any staff member who visits areas of the UK, which become subject to local lockdown during their holiday, will not be allowed to return to work for 14 days after their return. All staff must be aware, that they will only be paid for the holiday, subject to accruement, they will NOT be paid for any quarantine time.



When visiting the office, staff are asked to wash hands on arrival or to use hand sanitisor when entering the main building or the actual office. Sanitisor is freely available.

Please scan the NHS QR code with your NHS app, this will ensure that your app is aware of you being at the office.

There are screens fixed to the desks in the office, for the protection of the office staff and any visitors to the office.

There is an air sterilizing unit in the office, which should be turned on daily to ensure the sterilisation of the air within the office.

Desks, screens, computer keyboards and office phones must be wiped regularly as well as door handles and any other equipment used within the office.



When visiting the toilet, staff must wash their hands and dry them on the paper towels provided, use the towel to turn off the water, to open the door and dry your hands, (DO NOT USE THE HAND DRYER), the towel can be thrown into the bin inside the kitchen door and use the hand sanitisor on the wall.

Always be aware that the kitchen and toilet facilities are used by other offices within the building.

Always report the lack of toilet roll, soap, paper towels or hand sanitisor, so they can be replaced immediately.


Staff are asked not to visit the office without first calling and making an appointment as just turning up could cause issues with social distancing.


Always call and ask what PPE you may require, so when you arrive at the office, it can be ready for your collection. If there is no reason to enter the office, remain outside and a member of the office team will place the PPE into your car for you.



If any customers show any signs of Covid symptoms it is vital, that you immediately wear your visor, you remain at a 2 metre distance and you report to the office immediately.

If a customer is struggling with breathing or coughing, then 111 should be contacted and instructions they give should be followed. If a customer requires urgent medical attention then dial 999.

The office will notify relatives and other staff members, where necessary.

On leaving your customers home, you must return to your home, remove your uniform and other clothes you are wearing and immediately get them washed.

Take a shower and remain at home self isolating for 14 days. Contact the office as soon as possible and report.


Covid positive customer protocol

Any customer who is Covid positive must be cared for with the use of full PPE


Use hand sanitisor and put on gloves, aprons, type IIR mask and visor

On entering the premises, go to the bathroom/kitchen and wash hands for 20 seconds and use paper towels to dry them.

Put on two pairs of gloves

Put on a separate apron back to front, to protect the back of your uniform

Always remain 2 metres away from the customer, unless delivering personal care.

Where possible ask the customer to also wear a mask - provide one for them.

Where possible encourage customers to do as much as they can themselves, with personal care.

After the completion of care tasks, remove gloves and aprons, wash hands and put on fresh PPE to reduce contamination.

When all tasks are complete, remove PPE correctly and wash hands and arms, put on fresh gloves, to open doors and leave the property. After leaving the premises, remove gloves and dispose of carefully. Use hand sanitisor, go home, remove uniform and other clothes, immediately wash them, have a shower and put on a fresh uniform, if you have more calls to attend to.




This policy should be used along with the training received

Hand Hygiene

Infection Control

Health and safety

Policy written 27/09/2020

Update regularly