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We are not just about the care, we offer far more!

Dedicated to providing homecare services

Saltimmary Homecare Professionals have been established by Sally Lee since 2016. Registered with the Care Quality Commission, Saltimmary started by only offering personal care in the community. Due to all the changes that we've had to face, Saltimmary now offers more than a care service.

Services we offer to the community:-
  1. Care Provision Assistance

  2. Personal Care

  3. Amaryllis Home Assistance

  4. Companionship

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How we work with Covid-19

At the present time with the Covid-19 virus, our staff are fully prepared and are supplied with all the PPE they need to keep themselves and our customers safe.

Each person who visits a customer, should wash their hands when they enter a person's property, once they have done this they can then use a hand sanitizer as a back up. Gloves then placed on and the task in hand completed. A type IIR fluid resistant mask should be worn at all times, when a staff member is in a customer's home. For added protection a staff member has a visor, which assists in reducing the risk of Covid spread. It also protects both staff member and customer, unlike a mask which does not offer much protection to the person actually wearing it. When the task in hand is completed, a staff member should then remove their gloves and wash their hands again followed by hand sanitizer. When it is not possible to wash hands, then sanitizer alone should be used and is sufficient.

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“Sally is a lady who treats her clients with the greatest respect. She always maintains a down to earth approach, but at the same time keeping a very professional approach.

”Her aim is to see her clients well looked after both physically and mentally and keeping a happy approach to life. She is very reliable and can be trusted implicitly; her clients come first in her Life.

"I can recommend her from first hand experience following care of my wife over many months."

Richard G Kent

“Sally and Sandra are the best carers I've ever had. I have previously been with a number of agencies, two of them very good, but, I would not go back to an agency after having Sally and Sandra.

"I have been impressed how they have foreseen and met my needs and they always go the extra mile. I can truthfully say they have changed my life.

"I would highly recommend them to anybody considering using their service."


Ruth Smith

“I engaged Sally Lee and Sandra Callow of Saltimmary Homecare Professionals, to care for my Mother, who lives in Manton Ct, Kings Road, Mum suffers from Dementia, but still wants to live at home, with her own things, Sally & Sandra care for Mum 3-4 times a day, Sally and Sandra are very gentle with Mum and are able to coax her to help herself, and if not, they will assist.

"Sally & Sandra are always on time and very cheerful with happy dispositions. They are very professional with meticulous record keeping and are very good at recommending an appropriate care plan for the situation and person. I am so pleased that they agreed to care for Mum as it gives Mum stability and the freedom to continue to live at home for as long as possible, they do not contract out, so there is not the turnover of many different people turning up, but the stability, and the continuity, of the same people calling at the same time every day.

"Sally & Sandra are proactive and imaginative in ways of caring for Mum, and will highlight and issues quickly. I can thoroughly recommend Saltimmary Homecare Professionals.

Steve Barrett